Investment Philosophy

John C. Raaf, CFA, CFP®

2416 SW Vista Ave.
Portland, OR 97201

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The Investment Philosophy at Raaf Investment Advisors is to provide each client a competitive risk/reward experience suitable for their risk tolerance, financial goals and circumstances. We achieve this by maintaining a long-term investing orientation, and a disciplined implementation of globally diversified portfolios.

Our investing methodology is based on the belief that active management will provide superior long-term returns. We are mindful of current valuations in the asset classes we employ, and seek to understand them in the context of their historic ranges. We closely track economic data in order to interpret the operating conditions of the businesses we invest in. Our job is to have an opinion on whether the business environment is likely to produce stable, increasing, or decreasing company valuations. We screen the universe of mutual funds and index funds, and are responsible for maintaining a catalog of investment options within each asset class.

Most importantly, we apply our market insights in a way that is customized for each individual relationship. For example, some clients like to see frequent activity in their accounts. Others appreciate an economy of changes, placing a higher priority on minimizing tax liabilities and keeping commission expenses low. A client might strongly prefer index funds over mutual funds. We take the time to understand our clients' preferences, and make a priority of acknowledging those as we implement our strategies.